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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kawader?

Kawader Portal (Technical SkillsPortal) is a national initiative led by the Labour Fund (Tamkeen). It will act as a repository of local talent in the ICT sector and will connect this talent with employers. The platform will also feature available job opportunities listed by employers with the relevant skills required to fill them.
Kawader is currently focused on the local tech talent with plans to expand its scope to other high-potential sectors in the future.

Who can apply to Kawader?

Anyone with a technical or specialized tech background can register on the platform by creating a profile containing a CV.
Local and international companies can offer job vacancies in the fields of technology, where registered individuals can apply, and companies can choose suitable candidates.

What about specializations in other sectors?

The Kawader portal is currently focused on local tech talent, with the potential to expand its scope to other sectors in the future.

What kind of jobs can I find on Kawader?

Local and International full time, part-time, and internships opportunities within the Tech field.

How can I apply?

To apply, please create an account for the individual / organization on the platform.

What information and documents are required to create an account on the platform?

Please view the video link for step-by-step guidance.

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